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Real Advantages of Learning in Japan
Sharing the campus daily with Japanese students enriches your study life in Japan.
 As HJLC has close ties with Hamamatsu Professional Training College of Information Technology and Hamamatsu Design College in the same campus, you can attend classes of the colleges you want and mingle with the Japanese students through extracurricular activities, excursions and sports events. You can also learn and enjoy Japanese culture through kimono dressing, tea ceremony or Japanese manner practicing.
[Campus map and Departments (course term)]
Hamamatsu Japan Language College Japanese Language (1.5 years, 2 years)
Hamamatsu Professional Training College of Information Technology Computer (2 years), Animation(3 years),
CAD (2 years), Game Create (3 years),
Medical Clerk (2 years), Child Nursing (3 years), Manufacturing (2 years)
Hamamatsu Design College Graphic Design (3 years), Fashion Business (2 years), Make Beauty (2 years)
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