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Our group power gives you a great help to your future plan of entering Japanese Colleges or Universities.

 Our educational group, called SIST or Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology, consists of one core university (also called Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology), two high schools, six vocational colleges, and HJLC. After finishing HJLC you can conveniently choose to enter the university or any of the group's vocational colleges. In that case, you are entitled to apply for such privileges as no entrance exams' fee, no admission fee, discount tuition, or admission on recommendation.

■ SIST educational group
SIST educational group

■ Privileges of Tuition and Fees (JPY)
Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology Vocational colleges in the group

Sharing the campus daily with Japanese students enriches your study life in Japan.

 As HJLC has close ties with Hamamatsu Professional Training College of Information Technology and Hamamatsu Design College in the same campus, you can attend classes of the colleges you want and mingle with the Japanese students through extracurricular activities, excursions and sports events. You can also learn and enjoy Japanese culture through kimono dressing, tea ceremony or Japanese manner practicing.
[Campus map and Departments (course term)]
Hamamatsu Japan Language College Japanese Language (1.5 years, 2 years)
Hamamatsu Professional Training College of Information Technology Computer (2 years), Animation(3 years),
CAD (2 years), Game Create (3 years),
Medical Clerk (2 years), Child Nursing (3 years), Manufacturing (2 years)
Hamamatsu Design College Graphic Design (3 years), Fashion Business (2 years), Make Beauty (2 years)

Our aim is to help you master practically useful Japanese language.
We help you master practical Japanese language which boosts your communication skill enough to cope with the international business world, and also allows you to pass the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level N1 leading you to enter a university where you wish to study.
Classes are small sized and organized based on individual student's level.
A designated homeroom teacher takes academic care of all the students in the class. Achievement tests are given to the students once every three months to reorganize the classes, placing the students to the most fitted class for their levels.

A preparatory seminar for EJU is offered to assist your preparation for entering higher schools.
Our instructors who have long experience in coaching students for EJU(Examination of Japanese University Admission) and other qualification exams guide you in achieving your goal to enter higher academic institutions in Japan.
The location of our school at Hamamatsu provides you with profitable learning environment.
Hamamatsu has little dangers often encountered in big cities and little inconvenience often found in rural regions, offering you the opportunity to learn in a quiet atmosphere, where a bicycle is one of major transportation. A lot of people here tend to have their own houses, where you can stay with and learn Japanese.

Hamamatsu is among Japan's best 10 cities where students wish to live.
Room rents in Hamamatsu are less expensive than in bigger city areas like Tokyo or Osaka and the climate here is milder and warmer. This is a great benefit for students to live and learn in Hamamatsu.
Our student life counselors take care of each student.
You can consult the counselors about everything on the family-like basis from daily life issues to physical conditions, getting the best fit advice for you.

There is no need for your parents to worry about your stay in Japan.
We send your academic report card to your parents periodically for their peace of mind. Medical expenses you pay when you get sick or injured will all be reimbursed by the insurance you buy at your admission.
Our special staff member offers information on pat-time jobs.
You can find part-time jobs in many nearby places like restaurants, pubs, convenience stores, factories or small-scale schools around the campus. Working part-time is allowed from three months after your admission when you become to be able to speak Japanese to a certain degree.

We offer scholarships to excellent students.
You can apply for public scholarships that need not be repaid. You are also entitled to receive our own school scholarships if you are excellent in class attendance, JLPT , EJU, entrance exams of state-run universities, or in speech contests.
You can mingle with people in local community through various activities of HICE (Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange) tying up with us.
In order to build the multicultural society in Hamamatsu, HICE provides you with such various events as World Cooking Contest, Christmas festivals, tea ceremonies, and Yukata contest.

You can make full use of our library and PC rooms equipped with the Internet environment.
You can study by yourself in our quiet library or use PCs freely in our PC rooms. Communication with your family in your homeland is available free of charge through our IP videophone system.